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How do I interpret my results (type, wing, and instinct)?

Think of your results as three tiers. First, you will have a base type (e.g., Nine). This type most closely describes how you view and interact with the world. It is the most important number in the Enneagram system.


Next, each type has one wing that further defines it. If your base type is the main course that covers most of your personality, your wing is like a side dish that adds some flavor. Picture the nine Enneagram numbers as a circle: the wing possibilities are located next to the base type, on either side of it. For example, a type Nine can have either a One wing or an Eight wing, sometimes written as “9w1” and “9w8.” Some people have very strong wings and feel their impact quite clearly. In Blueprint, your type plus your wing is called a “subtype.” 


Lastly, each type has one of three instincts that shapes how that type perceives and relates to their surroundings: Self-Preservation, Relational, or Social. For example, you could be a Self-Preservation Nine with a One wing. There are 54 unique combinations of type, wing, and instinct in Blueprint’s formulation of the Enneagram model.


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