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Are there gender differences between Enneagram types?

Broadly, no—anyone of any gender identity can be any Enneagram type. However, some Enneagram research has suggested that two of the types show some correlation with gender: Eights correspond to traditionally masculine energy and traits (like aggression, dominance, and a focus on being strong), whereas Twos correspond to traditionally feminine energy and traits (like caretaking, relationship-building, and empathy). For example, we have experienced workshops where an over-abundance of parents believe that they are type Twos because they spend a lot of time nurturing children and think of themselves as caretakers, yet further reflection revealed that only a few of them were actually Twos. What’s most important in determining your type is the core of your fears, desires, and more; it’s less about your gender or your role in life, and more about your deeply-rooted psychological drives.

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