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Is there a wrong way to use the Enneagram?

You’re free to use the Enneagram however you see fit, but we’d advise against the following use cases.


First, don’t use the Enneagram to reduce people to nothing but their type. People are complex, and their Enneagram type is just one aspect of them. Just because you know their type doesn’t mean you understand them truly and deeply; that takes far more work. 


Second, don’t use the Enneagram as an excuse for your behavior. This more often applies to negative behavior (e.g., “I’m a Seven, so of course I’m not going to be able to focus”), but can also apply to discounting positive behavior (e.g., “Sure I was extremely helpful, but that’s only because I’m a Two”). 


Third, don’t assign other people their type unless they’re open to you doing so. You may have a strong feeling that someone is a certain type, but pointing at someone and declaring what type they are can feel invasive. It’s okay if they’re curious and participating in the discussion, and public figures are fair game for this kind of conjecture, but it can be awkward if you do it to someone you know.


Fourth, don’t use the Enneagram, this app, or any of its content to harm anyone else (or yourself). We are providing you this information, but we have no control over how you use it. We simply hope that you harness it to make your world a better—not worse—place.

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