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I can't seem to choose which type I am. How do I figure it out?

Take our Enneagram type test (or any other) and use the results as a starting point for your exploration. In our experience, it’s unlikely that your type will be one of the lowest-ranking results; it’s far more likely that it’ll be one of the top three.


However, no test is 100% accurate, and no test or person knows you as well as you know yourself, so the best way to hone in on your Enneagram type is by reading more about the possibilities. Try to be deeply honest with yourself about who you are now and have been most of your life, not who you’d like to be. 


It can be easy to relate to the positive aspects of each type, but it’s often the negative traits that differentiate the most. Many people describe feeling a pang of guilt or shame when they read their own type’s negative traits. If it hits close to home and feels difficult to read, it’s a strong signal that you’ve found your type. 


You can also ask people who know you well to give their opinion on the types that you’re torn between: everyone has blind spots about their own behavior, and those you trust can shed a light on yours.

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