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Can I be more than one type?

No. We haven’t seen any formulation of the Enneagram that allows you to be more than one type, and our test does not support it. Although everyone has bits of all Nine types within them (and at your healthiest, you can tap into them all), you have one base type that most closely describes how you tend to view and interact with the world. That base type is represented by a number ranging from One to Nine.


Many Enneagram tests, ours included, give your results in the form of the most likely to least likely type for you. Even if your results show that you’re tied or very close among a few types, it doesn’t mean that you are multiple types: you still have one base type that’ll be the best fit for you. Reading more about your top results and ruling out the less accurate types can help you land on the right one. Your test results can help guide you to your base type, but ultimately you’re the best judge of which type fits you most closely. 

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