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Thank you's and shout-outs

We got an incredible amount of feedback from many, many people representing every combination of type, wing, and instinct while we built this app. Thank you to the hundreds of people who took early versions of our test, critiqued our writing, answered our interview questions, and/or helped us with user testing; we are in your debt. And a special shout-out to those who went above and beyond as representatives for every type in our research:




Florian Allroggen, Ethan Bernstein, Tyler Luonogo-Zink, Ibrahim Nahas, Freya de Mink, Edan Naiberg, Bry Novak-Rich, Michael Millis, Thea Rømmen, Matt Stayman



Zoe Anetakis, Matt Brand, Brianna Bolden, Giuli Colina, Cameron Donegan, Ryan Gravelle, Jill Millis, Ashlan Musante, Carolina Ortecho, Nadia Rawjee, Alyssa Rose, Ray Rieder   



Leang Chaing, Rushil Gambhir, Vinod Krishnan, Brian Lavigne, Cory Munchbach, Dan Yu



Laura Alessi, Wrenn Bartlett, Liv Benger, Heather Jassy, Amanda Millis, Gina Patton, Sam Zimmerman



Daniel Downey, Richard Patton, John Lynch, Rico Rodriguez, Irina M.



Grace Alessi, Daniel Chang, Sunny Dhillon, Johanna Fieldler, Jenna Fowler, Paul Mains



Fareesa Abbasi, Adam Caplan, Janet Comenos, Arun Desai, Russ Jones, Donna Leverone, Nadia Mufti, Trevor Patton, Jessica Song, Svenja Torke



Seth Bartlett, Laine Berry, Christina Pawlikowski, Farhan Pirzada, Paige Sander



Ella Alkalay, Emily Dabney, Donna Downey, Matthew Downey, Jeff Fagnan, Christopher Luonogo-Zink, Maggie Moran, Mia Patton, Sarah Pavlu, Jose Raymond, Marcus Way

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